Felicity and Samantha have been best friends since the age of eleven. They connected because they both have useless mothers.

Felicity and Jamie were in an on-and-off again relationship from the age of 13 to the age of 17, when Christopher appeared on the scene.

Felicity and Christopher never really went out, but he fancied the pants off her, and she wasn’t really sure what she felt.

Felicity and Mark were really good friends.

Felicity is Holly’s mum, and gave birth to her when Flick was 19.

Felicity and Jane are sisters, who were quite close growing up, but grew apart following the birth of Holly.


Samantha and Jamie are really good friends, in fact Sam often refers to him as being more like a brother to her.

Samantha and Christopher are friends, who have vaguely stayed in touch over the years.

Samantha and Mark are engaged, and expecting their first child together.

Samantha is Holly’s God Mother, although Sam admits that she has never lived up to that title.

Samantha and Jane have never gotten along, for reasons unknown, but the feeling appears to be quite mutual.

Samantha and Dominique only vaguely know each other through Christopher

Samantha and Alyssa are future sisters-in-law and have a strong friendship, that doesn’t always impress Mark.


Jamie and Christopher have never gotten along since they were both in love with Felicity. However, Flick’s death appears to have brought the pair to a mutual truce between them.

Jamie and Mark have been best friends since Nursery, however the recent break up between Jamie and Alyssa has made things quite tense between the friends.

Jamie and Alyssa dated when she joined him on his band’s tour, during her year out. That relationship came to an abrupt end, when Alyssa decided it was time for her to move on. Jamie is still very much in love with her.


Christopher and Mark are friends in a loose sense of the term.

Christopher and Dominique are married.


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