Full Name: Dominique Constance Greene

Age: 27 years old

Date of Birth: 9th December

Siblings: Two sisters: Francesca (28) and Louisa (23)

Personality: Demure, sophisticated, headstrong, career-orientated

Lives with: Husband Christopher

Marital Status: Married


Height: 5ft 9ins

Hair Colour: Very dark brown, verging on black

Hair Style: Always tied up and very neat

Eye Colour: Green

Clothing: Smart


Preferred Nickname: Dom

Occupation: Art Dealer

Religion raised as by parents? Christian

Religion now conforms to? Christian

Political affiliation(s)? Conservative

Type of education received? Current education level? Has a degree in History of Arts

Has/wants children? Doesn’t want children


What does he/she like to do in his/her spare time? Theatre, Art Galleries, History, Painting

Are these hobbies old (from childhood) or new? Since childhood


  • Banksy
  • Modern Art
  • Theatre
  • Painting
  • Italy
  • Italian Food


  • Commercialised artists that try too hard to be outlandish and controversial
  • Untidiness
  • Children, especially ones who touch things that they shouldn’t be touching
  • Rudeness

Childhood Memories

“The majority of my childhood was spent travelling around the world, with my parents and sisters. Up until I was about nine, we were home schooled, by my mother who had been a teacher before she’d had children. We eventually settled in Italy, where my mother took up a teaching job, my father worked as an Architect and my sisters and I attended a Private School.

I really shone when it came to Art, and I had a real passion for watercolours. I loved blending the colours together to create these incredible scenes and my art teacher introduced me to the art world, in a way that a lot of students never see.

When I was 18, I decided to go travelling on my own, because it was something that had always been in my blood, and I felt like I needed to reconnect with myself. Eventually, I opted to attend University in England, which despite my name and travelling childhood, is actually my place of birth. I fell in love with the country, that although I called “home” I had never lived before, other than on the occasional holiday visiting family. That was when I decided to stay here.”


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